Terms & Conditions:

 You can change the name on the registration without penalty at any time Prior 45 days to the conference. No further changes will be allowed after that.

Refund policy:

Refund requests must be made in writing or via email to the respective conference secretariat.

Refunds will not be provided to participants once they had arrived the conference venue and attended the conference.


Cancellation charges will be, 75% of the registration fee will be refunded prior 90 days to the conference, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded prior 45 days to the conference. No refunds will be granted between the duration of 45 days to the conference. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your registration fee only to another individual by notifying the respective conference secretariat. Refund fee will be made after the conference. All bank service charges, including transactional bank commission for cancellation refunds, must be covered by the participants/applicants.

Cancellation policy in the events of natural disasters/calamities:

Conference organizers cannot accept refund requests from the conference delegates/attendees that result from cancelled flights and/or natural disasters/calamities. The Organizers will have the right to cancel/postpone the conference during natural disasters/calamities. In this case, the Scientific conferences will provide an opportunity for the registered delegates/attendees to transfer their registration fee to any future/related Scientific conferences. The organizers will not accept any liability for personal injuries or for loss or damage to property belonging to the delegates/attendees, either during, or after the conference.


If the conference postpones an event for any reason and you are unable or unwilling to attend on rescheduled dates, you will receive a credit for 100% of the registration fee paid. You may use this credit for another event which must occur within one year from the date of postponement.

Transfer of registration

All fully paid registrations are transferable to other persons from the same organization if the registered person is unable to attend the event. Transfers must be made by the registered person in writing to primary email of conference registered.Details must be included the full name of replacement person, their title, contact phone number, and email address. All other registration details will be assigned to the new person unless otherwise specified. Registration can be transferred to one conference to another conference if the person is unable to attend one of the conferences. However, Registration cannot be transferred if it is intimated within 14 days of the respective conference. The transferred registrations will not be eligible for Refund.

Visa Information

Keeping in view of increased security measures, we would like to request all the participants to apply for Visa as soon as possible. Important note for failed visa applications: Visa issues cannot come under the consideration of cancellation policy, including the inability to obtain a visa.

 Other Terms and Conditions:

  • Organizers will not be responsible of any loss of damage of property or items.
  • Hotel and accommodation numbers will be provided to registered individuals one month prior to the conference.
  • Organizers will not take any responsibility for the non-participation of the registered speakers or attendees attending the conference.
  • Registered attendees need to arrive the conference venue from airport and need to be at conference hall 30mins prior to the program and need to confirm their attendance.
  • Organizers will provide coffee, snacks and lunch to all the attendees registered for the conference and in case of any accompanying person, participants need to inform prior to the organizers.
  • rganizer or conference secretariat is responsible to arrange all the logistics required for conference like conference souvenir, certificates, lunch, accommodations, conference hall, mic, flipchart, water bottles, pens, laptop, flash drive etc. and organizer is not responsible for number of participation of the participants as once after registration they need to attend the conference without fail.
  • Refunds will not be provided to participants once they had arrived the conference venue and attended the conference.
  • For further information regarding the cancellation policies or refunds please contact to our finance department at finance@genoteqhealthcare.com or registered email of conference you had registered.